About Me

My name is Anja Harris, and I started this blog because I eat, sleep and breathe movies.   I am a television student at Columbia College Chicago, and all day long I’m surrounded by film buffs, and I’m just trying to hold my own.  Unlike many of my pretentious peers, I am not only interested in heavy, complex films- I enjoy throwaway comedies as much as the next girl.  In this blog I will try to represent everything as fairly as possible.

This year, I decided to make a resolution.  I began thinking that I would make it a goal to see 50 new movies this year, but since it began happening much sooner than I thought, I decided to up it to 100 new movies.  Thank goodness for Netflix instant cue, and my wonderful roommate, Kari Kamin, for letting me use her account.

I want to give a special thanks to Tara Johnson, who inspired the idea for this blog, she is genius!

Beyond my interest in watching and making movies, I like making art, reading books, camping, a good cup of coffee, pottery, hands-on things, playing games, and seeing shows in my town.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Karen Landry says:

    What a great idea!…..Especially since the blog is not devoted to a specific genre. Nice work!

  2. kari says:

    Your photos aren’t loading right now, btw.
    In the Land of Women is in your favorites… it must be a goof?!

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