The Film Geek

Scotty wakes up every morning and goes to work at the video store.  After his shifts, he hangs around the video store, and reluctantly drags himself home at closing to watch a movie or two, before going to sleep and starting all over.  This lifestyle has created some problems for Scotty, who longs for someone to discuss film with.. His overbearing, unnatural,  encyclopedia-like knowledge of directors, writers, and dates has alienated him from his coworkers, and gotten him fired.  Now Scotty must find something to not only fill his time but also feed his soul.

This is an independent film, which makes me more apt to forgive the bad acting, but the storyline is absolutely adorable.  First of all, this movie takes place back when VHS was the reigning champ of the movie store world… which is totally funny to me.  And its even funnier that I think it’s funny in the first place… kids these days.  Anyways, towards the end it turns into mockumentary style almost, and it’s actually genuinely funny.  The ending is a tad bit frustrating (I will post more about this in the comments section, so be aware: spoiler alert in comments!!)  Any movie buff will totally go gaga for this though, plus it’s so short- what do you have to lose?

Directed By: James Westby
Starring: Melik Malkasian, Ritah Parrish
Year: 2005

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