Practical Magic

Practical Magic is such a 90’s movie.  The story is about two sisters who come from a family of witches, trying to cope with the family curse that kills any man who loves them.  The Owens sisters were raised in a small conservative town by their two loving but quirky aunts who encourage the use of magic as often as possible.  This hybrid of a romantic comedy, and drama takes several very sharp turns in it’s mood and is genuinely surprising throughout.

Practical Magic can best be described as “cute”.  Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock bring a lot to the movie, although there is some very lackluster dialogue in parts.  They have great chemistry and I feel so much love in their family that I almost wish I was a part of it.  Some of the symbolism is overly simplistic, but it kept me wholeheartedly interested.  As a lover of all things fantasy and magical, I thought the story was interesting and entertaining.

Directed by: Griffin Dunne
Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Stockard Channing, Diane Wiest

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